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每段GMAT作文开头:    1. The major problem with this argument is that -------    2. Another flaw worth discussing is that(the assumption that----)    3. Finally it is necessary to point out -(several other minor flaws that might undermine the argument----)   证据可疑:questionable    4. Another assumption short of legitimacy is that ----(unfounded/groundless/doubtful/unconvincing)    5. The argument is based on the assumption that--------    6. The reason that ----is open to doubt (persuasive)--should be deleted?    7. The arguer commits a fallacy of the question in assaying(?) that--------    Ending:    8. In conclusion the arguer fails to validate/(establish) the claim----    9. To solidify the argument, the arguer should provide more concrete information to demonstrate that-----------   以上就是从GMAT满分作文选出经典GMAT作文开头。要想写出一篇好的作文,除了要有一个完美的开头外,我们还需要修炼自己的内容,灵活运用各种经典作文语句,结构严谨,最后祝大家都能考出好成绩。